Consider These Things When You Bet On Greyhound Racing

Blue Bet is here to help you find the best winners. We have compiled a list of key factors that punters should know before placing a wager on the dish-lickers.

Box draw The box where a greyhound begins a race in a race can have a significant impact on its chances of winning. Some greyhounds do better racing closer to the rail while others prefer to be free to move around and can perform better out on the track. Greyhounds can also be affected by dogs that are drawn beside them. For example, if a railer draws on the outside of a wide track it can cause a collision which could lead to serious injuries.

Early Speed

Another important factor that can affect a greyhound’s chances of scoring is its ability to “get out and run”. It is more likely for a dog to jump quickly and accelerate immediately and to be able to run clear and unimpeded.


If your greyhound is unable to run the distance in the race, it does not matter how fast they are. You should not trust your dog at the race if it isn’t feeling well.

Running Style

Some dogs prefer to race close to the rails while others like to go further out on the track. The perfect dog will possess both these traits, and be able to maneuver under and around other dogs, although most dogs will only have one of them. This is an important point to remember when placing a wager. A railer drawn in box 8 will need to start exceptionally well to find the fence and win.

You should also be aware of whether your dog is a front runner or a back runner. Some dogs must be able to lead the race to win, while others will not hesitate to push their way through the pack. Your study of stamina and early speed will help you to spot this trait. If a dog is fast and can lead its race but is drawn against a faster field, it will have a difficult time getting everything it wants, especially if the draw is poor.

Tenacity It may sound harsh but some dogs don’t have as much heart as their canine counterparts. A dog might be the fastest, but it will still be dependent on luck if it doesn’t want to be involved in the chase for the prize. Some dogs will just chase a brick wall to get to the front. You can get a good idea of your dog’s temperament by looking at past replays. Then, place a wise bet. If the dog is not tenacious or boxed poorly, you might consider putting off placing a bet.


Greyhounds are more confident and will race better when they have high levels of confidence. A dog that has had trouble in the past is more likely to have lower confidence than one that has had success in running.


Some punters prefer to back runners from established kennels. Good trainers will get the most out of their dogs, so you must pay attention to which names are winning the races.

Track Suitability

You should pay attention to the performance of your dog at the track in the past. Not all tracks are equal and will not suit all dogs. A large greyhound, for example, of 37 kg, will have greater difficulty navigating a tight track with two turns than a smaller greyhound. There are exceptions to the rule. Just make sure you check your form to confirm that your greyhound is suitable.

You can also check your dog’s best time on the track and trip. While it may seem small, half a second is equivalent to eight lengths. Your dog’s time will make it a legitimate contender against other runners.

Betting Moves:

Be on the lookout for late-market moves that could lead to a jump. A large bet on a dog’s value may have resulted in a decrease in its price. This could indicate that they know some important information about the dog’s future.

All of the above factors are important in determining recent form. If a dog has been racing at a high level, over a long distance, and is drawn poorly, it will likely reflect poorly on its form compared to a dog who has been graded well and drawn well at its favorite circuit.

You will be able to recognize how each of the points intertwines in the race if you fully understand them. This will help you get to the top of greyhound betting.

Ask The Experts:

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