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19 Jan 2021

Category: Business


5 Ways to Motivate your Team 

“The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.” Rightly prompted by James Cash Penney Jr. on the spirit of teamwork, who was an American businessman and entrepreneur who founded the J. C. Penney stores in 1902. This great…


Top tips for finding the best thread lockers 

Thread locking adhesives  are used by carpenters, plumbers, pipefitters, etc to join together different pieces of wood, metals or other materials to make them stay together and work properly. Most people don’t understand exactly what a threadlocker is, but it’s actually one of the most…


Best Way to Choose Body Armor 

There is no single best way to choose body armor, as the best option will always depend on how you are using it. While full armor systems with hard plates might sound amazing, wearing something like that for the whole day is exhausting. Ideally, you…