Care and maintenance guide for your Bengal cats:

Bengal cats are a crossbreed of the regular domestic cats and an Asian leopard cat. Though their body marks seem to be wild, they are fully domesticated and they do not act wild in any way. Many of the eager adopters might back out from buying this breed because they are named ‘Bengal cats’. What’s important to know here is that Bengal cats are not related to Bengal tigers so there’s nothing to worry about. They are adorable and beautiful feline friends to have at home. With the right training, you shouldn’t face any kind of problem with this breed. Before you buy a cat from a Bengal breeder Canada, it is important to know that their health needs to be taken care of like every other pet. So here mentioned is a list of important tips that you should follow to care for your feline friends.

  • Add proper nutrition to their diet– Bengal cats need to be fed with the best quality animal foods to ensure proper growth and strength. You can add both dry and wet food varieties to the diet. Always check the instructions on the food label to ensure that you are giving the right servings.
  • Offer plenty of water– Bengal cats are extremely active and they usually spend a lot of time playing and running. Hence, you need to ensure that they stay hydrated all the time. Local pet stores have a variety of running water systems for your pets. Bengals are highly obsessed with water. They like to play and running water is something that they really enjoy. You can also keep water bowls for your cat. Do not forget to keep the toilet seat cover down because as mentioned, they have an obsession with water and they might splash water everywhere.
  • Groom your cat– Bengal cats have a silky and satin finish coat cover so they really do not need much maintenance. However, you can use a soft brush to gently comb their fur and this will definitely draw their attention.
  • Take your pet to the vet– To ensure the long life of your cat, make sure you take them to the vet for routine health checkups. For kittens, you should be extra cautious because you need to vaccinate and keep them free of worms. Usually, de-worming is done at an age of 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks.
  • Understand the common health problems of this breed– Bengal cats are at a higher risk of developing Feline Infectious Peritonitis. This is highly infectious and usually spreads in places where four to five cats share the same bowl or live together. So, the breeding grounds can be a source of FIP. Other health problems include- HCM, Chronic anemia, etc.
  • Physical exercise– You should allow sufficient room for your Bengal cats to climb heights and play around. They have high energy which they need to expel. Exercise is also important to solve behavioral issues and to keep them mentally happy.

These are some of the best caring tips for your cat. To get the best Bengal cat price Ontario, check out the top breeders in the area and meet them in person. This gives you better clarity on the authenticity of the breeder.