Can players gamble on Online Slots using Crypto-funds? 

For many players, online gambling goes hand in hand with cryptocurrencies, especially when playing slots where the attraction of easier transactions and more anonymity appeals greatly to players as well as smoother fund management appealing to a lot of online casinos. Cryptocurrencies otherwise known as crypto-funds such as Bitcoin and Ether are being used more and more by players who play slots in online casinos. So, the short answer is – yes! Players can play online slots using crypto-funds very easily – click here for more. 

Benefits of using crypto-funds 

Cryptocurrencies were welcomed with open arms by the online gambling industry, with over 60% of all Bitcoin transactions being related to online gambling transactions. There are many benefits to players too as with cryptocurrencies there are no fees, quicker payments and a higher degree of security. Players love that they can transfer their funds instantly so they can bet as soon as they transfer their money with no delays, completely elevating the player experience.  

Not only can you instantly transfer funds to your online account so you can instantly enjoy your favourite slot games, but you can also benefit from instant withdrawals so you can enjoy your winnings immediately without frustrating transaction delays!  

This is because unlike traditional currencies like the pound, dollar or euro, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not managed by a central banking system but instead operates within a computer network which regulates both its value as well as its production.  

Although the transaction fees that often apply with traditional payment methods are usually absorbed by the casino operator, this often means that because of the fee online casinos are forced to offer players reduced odds and fewer promotions to balance the cost of the fees. This is why many online casinos now accept crypto-funds as it benefits them and allows them to offer more generous promotions to attract new players. 

One of the most popular choices for players who are interested in playing online slots using crypto-funds are online casinos which accept payments exclusively in crypto-funds such as Bitcoin. However, many online casinos offer players the option to deposit funds in cryptocurrency and then convert these funds into another currency. However, you will need to verify your identity once you withdraw these funds with this method.  

Is it safe and secure to use crypto-funds to play slots? 

If you’ve never used a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin before, you might be worried that it isn’t safe and secure to use – but rest assured – it is absolutely safe for players to use Bitcoin to make deposits at online casinos to play your favourite slots in the same way you would use other traditional currencies. This is because online casinos use extremely secure connections and encryptions to transfer funds and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has further levels of protection for players’ money by providing players anonymity. 

What’re you waiting for? Play your favourite slot games as well as other casino favourites such as Poker and Roulette securely and safely and benefit from faster transactions with additional security through anonymity with crypto-funds!

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