LA Quinta and Joshua Tree are both situated within the soothing Riverside Country territory of California and these towns can be one of the perfect destinations for weekend holidays.  Both the destinations offer a wide range of adventures to travelers especially visitors outside of California. Before planning out a holiday to these towns, one needs to know some of the amazing things to do while traveling.

Best Things to do in La Quinta!

As the traveler heads towards LA Quinta from Joshua Tree, one can find these amazing things to do here:

  • Learning about the town’s history by giving a visit to the LA Quinta museum which preserves the city’s past in an attractive two-story Spanish Colonial Revival style building. This visit can be the best way to spend rainy afternoons, exploring the museum with its galleries and exhibiting areas filled with many beautiful artifacts, events, and cultural activities.
  • One can also give a day visit to Doobie LA Quinta Dispensary to buy some best hemp products which are known for their 100% organic growth and process with the finest marijuana plants. There are many numerous products which include oils, CBD-infused food, and drinks, hemp tinctures.
  • Enjoying the family-friendly nature vegetation area which includes creosote bush, smoke trees, paloverde, and cheese bush which is a sight for travelers from outside California in particular therefore it can be another amazing thing to do in LA Quinta.

Best Things to do in Joshua Tree!

Just like LA Quinta, there are numerous best things to do in Joshua Tree also, here are the things:

  • The Hidden Valley Nature Trail can be a pleasant one-mile loop trail and one of the most beautiful and easily accessible areas to everyone. The Hidden Valley area of Joshua can be a perfect choice for enjoying a short hike or to simply wander among the trees and rock formations.
  • Another great thing to do is to visit the Doobie Joshua Tree Dispensary to explore some of the high-quality hemp products. Some of the best CBD infused products are chocolates, drops, and hemp tinctures which are also quite popular in the town area.
  • One of the best things can be driving up to the Keys View which is a soothing lookout point that provides a sweeping view to the Palm Springs, the Salton Sea, and the San Andreas Fault line.

With the clear air, the sweeping views can be very attractive and it can be one of the amazing ways to explore the town’s geography.

  • Another one of the best things to go on a short walking to Barker Dam which is a 1.3-mile loop trail. This short trail justifies the holiday with rocks, friendly natural vegetation, water area which is home to some attractive birds.

The above given are some of the amazing and satisfactory things to do while traveling to LA Quinta and Joshua Tree which if added in the holiday planning can add a lot of adventure for the travelers.