Busting Online Casino Myths

With money involved, there’s always some myth or belief around why you may be winning or losing more than somebody else, and casinos in particular have always been shrouded in myths from players who may have had a bad night or believe that a certain ritual can improve their odds of winning drastically. Typically, however, the simplest answer is usually the right one – there’s nothing working against you when you play, and it’s just down to the random nature of playing a casino for whether you win or whether you lose. Online casinos have seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and despite regulation changes and initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing player activity, there has been a rise on operators offering no verification casinos and other unique features. More players, more myths however – so what are some of the biggest targeted at the online casino space? Visit http://qpchecker.info/ to know more.

(Image from exposedmagazine.co.uk)

Unobtainable bonuses – A big selling point for many online casinos is within the bonuses and promotions they offer, but some can be notoriously hard to achieve leading to many players thinking that receiving these bonuses just isn’t possible. Whilst there will be some rare occasions where a site doesn’t honour its bonuses, this is not at all common – there are exceptions where big bonuses in huge deposit matches may seem unrealistic and should be avoided, but otherwise online services stay true to their bonuses. The reason many are hard to obtain is the game they’re tied behind, but if you’re looking to win big on bonuses, we suggest you perhaps look at other types of bonus, such as ones that match your first bet. Keep in mind, with so many services online and the offline counter-parts too, each casino is trying to win your service, and as such have no reason to deceive on bonuses.

Winners don’t get paid – On a similar note, there are some that  believe if you go on a long winning streak, you won’t receive your pay-out. Once again, for safe and reputable sites, this simply isn’t true – it’s in the best interest to pay your winnings, in part so you can keep on playing, but also the best sites to play on will be regulated and licensed, and as such will have to meet their obligation to you for your winnings.

Offline tricks could still help you – There are some that believe offline tricks such as card-counting can be a benefit through online casinos too, however this also isn’t the case. Whilst this may be changing a little with live dealers that provide some more transparency, typically the random-number generator handles the deck shuffling and with more decks of cards in the shoe too, there is little possibility of cheating or using these offline tricks as the systems in place that keep things truly random are much better online than offline and can be utilised in a much wider variety of ways too.