Boosting Customer Service With Kansas Phone Services

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Phone services are essential for a business because they enable customers to connect with an invested and attentive human voice. Customers value this kind of empathetic rapport and expect companies to deliver.

In 2019, nearly 80% of people ranked efficient resolution of their issue as one of the top three traits they valued in a company’s telephone customer service. Implementing software solutions that offer callers a more flexible hold time can help businesses achieve this goal.

Improved Communication

The phone is one of the most effective channels for delivering excellent customer service. A 2017 Microsoft report found that 96% of global consumers reported that good customer service significantly impacts their loyalty to a business. In addition, communicating empathetically with a customer over the phone is essential in building trust and increasing customer satisfaction.

While efficient resolutions and knowledgeable staff are crucial, clear communication is the most valuable element of any customer support experience. This means that your company needs to communicate effectively and efficiently across all customer service channels. Setting expectations for response times and providing consistent support experiences across all channels is essential. For example, if your website states that customers can expect a response in 24 hours and the phone is the primary channel for your customer support, ensure that you have the resources to meet this expectation. Additionally, if a customer is placed on hold over the phone, ensure they can schedule a time to be called back. This flexibility shows your company cares about the customer experience and will help them keep their frustration to a minimum.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The customer service team is often the face of your business. If customers aren’t satisfied with their interactions, it could lead to churn and loss of revenue. According to the Zendesk CX Trends Report 2022, 61 percent of customers are more likely to switch brands after one bad experience with customer support.

While some customers appreciate alternative communication channels like chatbots and texting, many require a human-centric approach to solving problems or answering questions. Providing efficient home phone services in Kansas can make you stand out from the competition and ensure your customers are pleased with their interactions.

Moreover, a phone call allows you to ask for feedback directly from your customers. Whether by a simple phone survey at the end of a call or through a click-to-call feature on your website, asking for feedback can give you insight into what you are doing well and where you need improvement. Then, you can implement a plan to do better in the future.

Increased Efficiency

Even during the best times, achieving efficiency when dealing with customer service can be difficult. With more customers to service, more proactive outreach to execute, and fewer resources available, it’s essential that businesses prioritize efficiency in their approach.

A great way to do this is by using predictive dialers. This technology recommends the most effective responses to frequently asked questions based on previous customer interactions. This saves agents time and improves their ability to handle calls quickly and effectively.

Another way to increase efficiency is by ensuring that all support tools are unified. When different devices operate in siloes, tracking tickets and a case’s overall progress can be challenging. This can also create redundancies that lead to duplicate work and escalations. Ensure all team members can access the same data and follow the same daily work routine. This will help to maximize productivity and drive customer satisfaction.

Reduced Costs

Often, customer service departments have to work within tight budgets. However, they should still have to sacrifice quality.

Using the phone channel wisely and leveraging it alongside other media can help businesses save costs. Investing in the right employees, including those with the skills and experience to deal with various issues, can ensure that calls are handled effectively. Similarly, implementing self-service tools can reduce call volumes and allow representatives to spend more time on complex or challenging issues.

According to research, customers value efficient resolutions, knowledgeable staff, and clear communication when calling a business. They are also frustrated by being kept on hold, rude service, and automated phone menus. Companies can reduce hold times by using software solutions that automatically call back when a customer’s place in the queue is reached. This can help reduce customer frustration and improve satisfaction levels. It’s also a cost-effective way of maintaining efficiency.


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