Binomo Broker is an online trading options platform that launched operations in 2014. Binomo is not a typical business approach but an innovative one where even industry leaders can claim. Computers have a web terminal, as well as modified versions for iOS and Android.

This broker has customers from world-wide and is one of the leading brokers of the traders. The Binomo platform is quite unique and offers some friendly features for traders. Navigating the platform is really simple as all you need is already set out for you. The platform offers various charts and resources for the technical research. This allows you to easily customize your trading interface to suit your business preferences.

Consumer data protection is important because it defines how efficiently Binomo protects financial records. Binomo provides a general trading form of high or low stocks, commonly called put options and turbo trades.

Binomo broker offers nonstop trading availability even though their platform does not have a wide variety of trading types.

Binomo Account Type:

1. Binomo Standard Account

When you start with binary options trading, your strongest option may be a simple account. It only takes $ 10 to start trading at this time, and you get exposure for the platform’s 39 funds. When you are a beginner, getting a limited number of usable funds can be less confusing. This helps you to focus on knowing what you are dealing with rather than the number of possible options.

2. Binomo Gold Account

The minimum deposit required to open a gold account is $ 500. Gold account holders receive up to 86 percent positive investment returns. This account form often attracts 5 percent weekly cashback and 24-hour withdrawal service. Professional trainers and consulting facilities are some of the benefits.

3. Binomo VIP Account

The minimum amount required to open a VIP account in Binomo is $ 1000. After you open a VIP account, you can get 100% bonus. When the estimate is correct, returns on productive trades can reach 92 percent and withdrawals can be made in 4 hours. WeIP account holders are also responsible for 10 percent weekly cashback and other non-standard and gold account applications.

Binomo Investment & Withdrawals:

Binomo investment is what gives this firm an edge over most of the contest. One of the reasons for that is that you have to choose from quite a lot of deposit methods.

The most popular ways of financing accounts are the VISA and MasterCard bank cards. There are also other methods available, including supported international and local systems in a given country. The list of systems that are supported depends on the country of residence indicated in your profile.

External payment networks are funded across the globe. Binomo withdrawal strategies are the same that you would do to deposit as you have to borrow from the portfolio the exact way you financed it.

An ideal option for consumers is to pay for potential withdrawals using their bank card which will be directly connected to the account. Profits will only be withdrawn from the budget used to finance the transaction. When selecting the funding choice please consider this.

Binomo Broker as a Trading Platform:

The Binomo trading platform is intended to enable binary options trading as realistic, simple to use, and comfortable as possible. Binomo has been able to offer a simplified, secure, and realistic trading network primarily built for use as a company that specializes in Binary Options.

While the company used the popular but limited option terminal when it was released, they have since moved away from package solutions to a fully proprietary design that is the perfect fit for worldwide online trading.

Binomo is a trading platform that is built to be modern and usable and is constantly modified with high-quality functionality as well as to patch any problems that quickly occur.

Other convenient functions, such as an incorporation of the Economic Calendar and quick refresh times, render Binomo much more versatile than the business alternatives. Performance is also obviously important to the company, with plenty of scalabilities plus the alternative to fast, one-click trading without confirmation.


  • Small starting conditions, perfect for selling new ones
  • A fully kitted-out demo account that has all the tools for learning
  • A realistic and easy method for tiering the account
  • High-end service through a well-designed trading platform
  • Withdrawals fast, simple, and reliable
  • Includes tournaments, adds added value and competition to the service.
  • Software application built for fast running on mobile devices
  • Many more features and add-ons.


  • The Binomo network does not integrate mutual sharing and related media functions.
  • Small funds, in particular, those embracing crypto-currency trading
  • There are no observations, signs or mutual trade


Binomo is a decent platform for online commerce. It comes with all the features you would expect from a platform that attempts to attract traders from around the globe. The platform is well built and provides several friendly features for traders.

The shortcomings that can be ignored. Then Binomo is an ideal choice for those who start in trading or old hands who want the high quality of support that comes with a VIP account. Although it might be marginally reduced, this just helps to render it more built and extremely effective what they can sell.