Best choice for your rifles: Is it handgrip or rifle hand stops?

A rifle can be used either for personal defense, commercial purpose or for defending the entire nation. However, the grip over the weapon is essential, as even a small mistake can cost lives. Whether you go for rifle grip or rifle hand stops, both of them are the front-end attachments, which the shooters can use as an alternative to rail.

Rifle Grips vs. Rifle Hand Stops: Pros and Cons

Both rifle grips and hand stops have many pros and cons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Weight – The rifle hand stop adds a few ounces of pounds to the rifle that enables you to have control over the gun. The grips have a lighter weight. However, it involves the storage areas that incorporate additional features like bipods. So, when it comes to adding functionality to your grip, the rifle hand stop gets the upper hand.
  • Control – The rifle grip provides you with better control than the rifle hand stop as the former are a larger device. Also, your hand can find the hold as the reference point either in low light or under duress. A grip also plays the role of a rifle hand stop when you lean against a barrier for more excellent stability. You further have an option to use the hold as a rifle hand stop.
  • Managing the heat – In today’s world, you can get the lightweight rifle hand stops that provide you with unrivalled modularity levels, while making the AR-15 rifles lighter. When you see the ounces that shed from the hand stop, you lose the material which counts upon as a heat sink that mitigates the heat radiation from the barrel. The vertical grip in a rifle helps in exercising better control over your front-end rifle when you move your hand from the hot barrel.
  • Legality – The usage of AR-15 depends on state regulations. Though it is illegal to install a grip on your rifle, the hand stops do not help in adding functionality and ergonomics to your firearm while installing them on your AR-15 rifle.
  • Maneuverability – Even though the rifle had stops that look fancy or ornamental, it helps the user to gain control when they hold the gun. However, if the rifle owners don’t have enough strength, it would be strenuous for them to gain control over the rail, which makes the rifle hand stop ornamental.
  • Recoil – The rifle grips have maneuverability as an advantage as they are perfect for drawing a bead on the target. You can shift the front-end quickly, which enables you to maintain the aim even if the mark moves. You can still get something below the gun also though the rifle’s recoil obstructs after you trigger the gun. On the other hand, the rifle hand stops help in more significant recoil management. You can control the movements of the front end, depending on your strength to hold the rail.


Now that the merits and demerits of rifle grips and rifle hand shops are right in front of you, it is for you to judge which suits you the best for your rifle. Both grip rifles and hand stops help in making your AR15 more ergonomic, whether you are building a military camp or cutting ounces from the race gun.