Benefits of using 5 axis CNC machining.

Back in the time of President Abraham Lincoln, Vinnie Ream was selected by the U.S. Congress to sculpt a memorial statue of the President. While Vinnie Ream may have been able to create his gorgeous President Abraham Lincoln with a hammer and chisel, this is not so practical for today’s manufacturing needs. Whether it’s a business, a medical industry, Aerospace industry, electronic industry or a defence industry, if they want to make a masterpiece from marble or titanium, a 5-
Axis CNC machining will more likely to bring the best and quickest results.

Traditional machines moves in three linear axis  X,Y and Z while 5 axis CNC machines moves in all
linear axes with two additional rotary axes. A Computer numerical controls is used to move cutting tools or parts in all 5 axes, so that the tip always remain perpendicular to the part. This 5 axis CNC machining process allows the creation of various complex and accurate parts.

Benefits of using 5 axis CNC machining are discussed below:

Single Setup: A traditional 3 axis machine required a multiple setup which may leads to incorrect alignments and cost factors, while a 5 axis CNC machining improves efficiency, saves time and reduce the cost factor by preventing lots of errors which are common for a 3 axis machining.

Complex Shapes: A five axis CNC machining has the ability to machine complex parts and shapes otherwise requires a casting. Industries and business can machine their parts in a few days rather than waiting for many weeks for casting to get finished.

Shorter Cutting tools : 5 axis CNC machining enables using of shorter cutting tools, as it lower the head and align the cutter suitably. Thus a 5 axis CNC machining helps in achieving higher cutting speed with an reduction in the vibration used during cutting.

Drilling:  The 5-axis CNC machining has the ability to drill a series of holes; this saves a lot of time if rather than a traditional 3-axis machine where you would need to use a different setup for each hole. 

Thus a 5 axis CNC machining service is much reliable when compare to 3D printing or an 3 axis machining service, if a business or industry need complex and large workload than 5 axis is your
best bet. A 3 axis machining requires rest in intervals while a 5 axis CNC machining is continuous and requires no rest in between. Thus developing industries and business requires 5 axis CNC machining service for achieving highest quality products. Using 5 Axis CNC machining, would help you achieve parts that would seem impossible. The 5 axis CN machining allows you to bore and create multiple complex shapes and sizes of the final product, in just one setup. So if you are a business or a industry that need to be competitive with the global market by creating prototypes or by completing your bulk product requirement, you need to outreach your requirements with a renowned 5 axis CNC machining service today.