Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding 

Sup boarding is more than just a water sport. It comes with various health benefits that are worth a mention. A Sup lifestyle not only gives you a life full of fun but also boosts the immune system of the paddler and overall body health.

Ways A Sup Lifestyle Improves Health

All muscles right from the neck, shoulders, arms down to the legs and feet are involved while sup boarding, best of all, the core muscles. Working the core muscles is important, especially if your day job involves sitting down all day. A strong core means spinal health, which results in proper posture, blood flow, and breathing. Get sup boarding and get that core worked on.

Other health benefits of paddle boarding are:

  • Strengthens Joint Stability
  • Low Impact Work Out
  • Helps Burn Calories
  • Sup Is Good for The Heart
  • Sup Reduces stress
  • Sup Boosts Vitamin D


Strengthens Joint Stability

Balancing on a sup board is a skill in itself. The small muscles in the foot and lower leg get activated to help create balance and joint support. No other recreational sport can achieve that.

Low Impact Work Out

Sup boarding will not damage your tendons and ligaments. It’s an exercise that results in no harm to the body. It is suitable if you have some hip or knee pain. It’s a great way to recover from injuries as well as increase body strength. 

Helps Burn Calories

Don’t go for quick fixes like taking weight loss pills to lose weight. Regular sup boarding will get you there fast! Some healthy water activities to help lose those calories are:

  1. Sup Board surfing

Surfing on an blow up paddle board gives a serious calorie burn. In an hour of moderate surfing, you can burn up to 750 calories. How cool is that! 

  1. Sup racing

Sup racing has become very popular among families as a group activity. It’s also a great way to have a group outing or a team-building activity. Incorporate it with any obstacle course, and you are good to go! You are guaranteed to burn not less than 700 calories.

  1. Sup yoga. 

You can sup yoga as a family or alone. Either way, you stand to burn between 400-500 calories in an hour. 

Sup Is Good for The Heart

A paddle session will raise the heart rate, which improves cardiovascular and entire body health. 

This lowers the risks of stroke, heart attacks, and other relatable diseases. 

Sup Reduces stress

Feeling stressed? Get your stand up paddle board and go supping. You will be surprised how effective sup boarding is in relieving stress because concentration will be on maintaining balance and not on your worries.

Sup Boosts Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for overall body health. Sup boarding gets you exposed to the natural light, thus boosting your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is vital for calcium production in the body. It also leads to strong bones and optimal mental functioning. 


It’s now clear that sup boarding is more than just a fun activity that happens in the waters. It’s also an awesome way to keep your health in check. Now that you know all these climb on that sup board and paddle diseases away! 


Jack Sylvester
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