Belly Dance For FItness: What To Expect On Your First Class

Belly dance classes for fitness are one of the best ways to improve flexibility, confidence, and overall wellness. It can also help you burn calories and shed a few inches off your waist. But despite its remarkable benefits, numerous Singaporeans are still hesitant to join such dance programmes. Some say they are intimidated by belly dancing movements, while others have no idea what can happen during a class.

To help you ease your worries and concerns about the lessons of a belly dance school in Singapore, scroll through to learn about the four things you can expect from the classes.

  1. Class Introduction

Like virtually every other class, your first lesson will involve class introductions. Your belly dance instructor will share a few details about themselves and ask for everyone’s names. Doing so will allow everyone to feel comfortable while building rapport in the class.

  1. Curriculum Discussion

You may have learned about the programme you are in after searching for a “belly dance studio near me,” but your instructor will explain the curriculum further on your first day of class. They will go over the details of the lessons and help you understand what you can expect from the programme.

  1. Warm-Up Exercises

Your instructor will not immediately ask for a performance on the first day of your classes. Like belly dancers for hire in their studio, they will ask you to perform a few warm-up exercises to prepare your muscles for the movements and movements.

  1. Basic Movement Lessons

Belly dance for fitness classes starts with a lesson introducing students to the dance. Your instructor may tell you about its origins, but they will not wrap up the first lesson without teaching you a few elementary belly dance movements.

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