Water contamination is a serious issue. Lucky are those who can install water purifiers in their homes. But some homes rely on a cloth to filter water. They expose themselves to danger because of the price of these filters. Big Berkey understands this so they offer affordable water purifiers.  For more information on the Big Berkey water filter, visit the official USA Berkey website

Water contamination comes from a lot of factors. It can be chemical, natural, organic, inorganic, and many more. All can be dangerous but this article will focus on chemical contaminants. One would learn some examples of these chemicals and their effects on people.

Chemical contaminants have three categories. These are inorganic, volatile organic, and synthetic organic contaminants. The Chemical Contaminant rules govern more than 65 contaminants within these categories. The ever-popular arsenic is an inorganic contaminant along with certain nitrates.

These are the rules that public water systems and water sources follow to ensure clean water. Over the course of five years, the EPA implemented various statistics. One of which is the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal. Another is the Maximum Contaminant Level. The EPA also applied the requirements needed to track the contaminants. They also found and experimented on possible technologies to remove the 65 contaminants.

What do chemical contaminants do to people?

It is important to note that the CC rules do everything to help the people by finding ways to reduce risks. These risks involve chronic diseases and long-term ailments. Some examples are cancer, organ damage, and various system disorders. Each water purifier follows these rules down to the last letter.

Various nitrates and nitrites cause harm to a human’s health. Through these rules, parents have higher chances of avoiding the blue baby syndrome. This syndrome causes babies to have a blue skin color, hence the name. Ingestion of huge amounts of nitrates and nitrites cause this fatal condition.

Chemical contaminant statistics

A Maximum Contaminant Level Goal limits the safe levels of contaminants on water. The safety of the people that consumes water is the MCLG’s role. It has a margin of safety because of its controlled nature but precautions are still in order.

This statistic is in no way a legal limit for public water systems. Its sole purpose is to ensure good health for the people. This also doesn’t measure contaminants that can cause cancer. This is because a person exposed to any chemical has a risk of contracting cancer.

But, the Maximum Contaminant Level has a limit. This limit must be close to the normal human health goal. It also handles the financial and technical aspects of protecting people’s health. Take note that this statistic also regulates water contaminants like the MCLG.

The dreaded arsenic

It is common knowledge that arsenic is very dangerous for a human to consume in high amounts. This is why it has a separate regulation called the Arsenic Rule. The EPA has a low standard for arsenic in water. Before, the standard is 50 parts per billion. Now, the standard is 10 ppb.

What is arsenic anyway? Arsenic is a semi-metal element that is tasteless and odorless. It enters water sources that pass through natural earth deposits. It can also come from man’s industrial and agricultural activities.

Arsenic can cause cancer but it also causes other ailments. Examples are skin discoloration and thickening, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. It can also cause stomach pain, numb feelings on the hands and feet, and partial paralysis. Some people also became blind due to arsenic exposure.

Arsenic causes several cancers as well. Examples are the cancer of the lungs, skin, liver, bladder, prostate, and kidney.

Nitrates and nitrites

The Chemical Contaminant rules regulate the safe amount of consumable nitrates and nitrites. High levels of these inorganic compounds can prove fatal for babies. Most farmers use nitrates in farming as a fertilizing agent to plants.

What are nitrates and nitrites? It is a combination of two chemicals; oxygen and nitrogen. This union combines with other compounds; both organic and inorganic. While outside this combination stays as nitrates. Once it enters a human body, it converts to nitrites.

Pregnant women must always check their drinking water for nitrates and nitrites. This can cause blue baby syndrome even in the early stages of pregnancy. This conversion of nitrate to nitrite hampers the flow of oxygen in a baby’s body. The result is the blue baby syndrome. This condition can happen in a matter of days. Normal symptoms involve shortness of breath and the skin turns to blue.

The MCL sets a standard for nitrate and nitrite intake. In drinking water, the nitrate standard must not go over 10 mg/L. As for nitrites, the standard is 1 mg/L.

As long as PWS follows these statistics, the public will have safe drinking water. Agencies like the primacy agency show their support by complying with the CC rules. They also check public water systems.

What can normal people do to ensure clean water?

This is very easy to do. They only need to research to find the best water filter for their homes. Lots of water purifiers are available for sale and most of them do the same purification process. Big Berkey prides itself on filters that provide safe water to drink at an affordable price.

Most water filters use reverse osmosis in removing these contaminants from water. Aside from that, they also use carbon filters to separate the water from dirt and sediments. Some people opt to use a filtration system with three stages. Nothing wrong with that but it would serve their best interests if they use a seven-stage system.

Big Berkey provides both systems to the people at affordable prices. This is a type of investment that would take care of one’s health for a long time. Using filtration systems like this one avoids water-borne diseases as well. Each home should have a filtration system for the safety of its inhabitants.


The perks of drinking clean and better-tasting water is a privilege for everyone. Using water purifiers from Big Berkey not only ensures the health of people but their peace of mind as well.