Attention First Homeowners: 5 Numbers to Store in your Digital Device

Attention First Homeowners

If you have just got your first foot on the property ladder, a huge congrats for that! It’s a real struggle to get the deposit together and the expenses never seem to end; one thing you have to take on is property maintenance and you won’t be able to do that unless you happen to be a builder. 

Essential trades

The seasoned homeowner has the numbers of a few local companies that he can call, which is essential if you want to carry out prompt repairs. 

Here are a few services that every homeowner will need at some point.

  1. Emergency Plumber – The water magician, a plumber in Penrith can handle many domestic emergencies, such as burst water pipes, strange noises coming from the heating or even a blocked drain. He can plumb in your new washing machine, find a fix for leaks and even service your central heating. Check whether or not they levy a call-out fee, some do, some don’t – you can save a few dollars by choosing a plumber with competitive rates and no call-out.
  2. Roofing contractor – Aside from storm damage, many things can go wrong with roofing; tiles can become dislodged, the guttering can be blocked with wet leaves and the fascia boards often require re-fixing. The smart way to manage roof maintenance is to have the roofer inspect every 6 months, which costs next to nothing and gives you a detailed report; if the roofer finds any issues, they can be repaired there and then.
  3. Emergency electrician – Let’s hope you never need an electrician in a hurry, but if you pre-source a local company that offers 24/7 service, save the number on your smartphone. This tradesman can also supply and install security systems, and add power points and lighting, plus he can quickly fault-find and fix any power issue. If the power goes off and your neighbours have their lights on, go to the main junction box and see if the safety cut switch has been activated. If it has, then switch it back on and you should have power. If not, call the electrician and he will investigate.
  4. Local handyman – Every town and suburb has a guy who can do most things and he doesn’t usually charge much for his services. While you wouldn’t use him for an emergency plumbing problem, you’d be surprised at his diverse skill sets. He would likely know about pest control and many other things.
  5. Telecommunications – Phone, Internet and cable TV often malfunction, so it’s a good idea to source a local company and save the number. The technician can set up and configure a home theatre, fix any hi-fi issues and anything to do with the Internet, he has you covered.

We never know when issues will arise and pre-sourcing essential services could end up being a lifesaver. Property maintenance can be minimised with prompt repairs and we recommend frequent inspections, allowing you to fix things fast.