Shuttering plywood is a common term used in the construction industry. The process of shuttering involves pouring the cement in moulds and cannot be performed without using shuttering plywood. Shuttering plywood is designed to prevent the cement coming out of the mould. It holds the cement till it solidifies in the desired structure and is used solely for this purpose. Unlike other plywood, shuttering plywood is not used for aesthetic purposes. Shuttering plywood is known to be weather resistant and does not stick to the cement, allowing it to solidify without causing any issues.

Although structurally different, shuttering plywood is manufactured using the same method as other plywood or wooden panel. Thin veneers are layered on top of each other and glued together to form the plywood. The veneers are placed in a manner that the grains run perpendicular to each other. This technique, if implemented in a proper manner, gives the plywood extreme strength and stability. This ensures that the plywood will not spill or split when exposed to cement. Shuttering plywood is produced my manufacturers in various forms and sizes to meet the requirements of different construction projects. Archidply is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plywood and laminates in the country. They are also known to be one of the best wooden door manufacturers in India. 

Given the qualities of the plywood, it is one of the most common plywood used in outdoor projects and construction. Shuttering plywood is water resistant and in some cases boiling water resistant grade. Even the adhesive used in producing shuttering plywood is water resistant which helps make it more durable and strong. The sturdy and long lasting nature of shuttering plywood allow it to be reused but with proper care. Ensure the stability of the plywood and clean it well before reusing it. It is best to store it in a cool and dry place before its application in another project.

Some shuttering plywood manufacturers provide a smooth and attractive veneer on the plywood which can be used for decoration purposes. This outer layer tends to be of a higher quality than the layers used inside. It can be used in places that need some attention to aesthetics. This form of shuttering plywood tends to be stronger and cheaper than the glossy decorative laminates that are used otherwise. Although, considering the fact that shuttering plywood is not meant for aesthetic placements and do not have a smooth surface, they need regular sanding and finishing after every use.

Listed below are a few things that you should keep in mind while making use of shuttering plywood for any of your projects.

1. The life of shuttering plywood can be increased by a large extent if proper care is taken while erection and de-shuttering.
2. The sheet should be cleaned before and after every use and special attention should be given during storing, fixing or removing the plywood.
3. The application of mould oil is absolutely essential after every use.
4. Avoid keeping the plywood in extreme heat and sunlight to prevent the plywood from decolouring.