All you need to know about patio doors in Canada  

Let’s think of the number of times you open and close the sliding door or French patio door in comparison to the exterior door! Looks like your sliding door or French patio doors are going to be the winner here! Almost all the three seasons of the year in Canada are recommended to enjoy your patio stay for BBQ, playing, or just reading with a coffee or allowing your pets to play out. However, during all the three seasons, you need to slide your patio doors and repeat the mechanism countless times. Does it lay emphasis on the importance of the quality of the patio doors in Canada? Surely it does! It is essential to get a high quality patio door for your house for a long life span and easy usage. 

Let’s find out which patio doors are best for you?

Sliding patio doors

The sliding patio doors replacement is quite common and popular amongst house owners in Canada. Because it has a design of full glass right from top to bottom, it allows maximum light to enter the room. It comes with a huge size screen to leave your sliding patio door opened and allow the fresh air to come in. Sliding patio doors are simple to operate and easy to maintain. You literally don’t have to make an effort to get in and out.

French patio doors

French patio doors allow you to play with colour and design. They are hinged in the same manner as the normal entry doors. A lot of house owners in Canada go for full glass options to allow sunlight in. These doors look solid and can be customized according to your preference.

Vinyl patio doors

Vinyl patio doors are extremely common nowadays. Vinyl comes with a lifetime warranty and is highly durable and energy efficient. It will never rust, rot or peel. The best thing is that you have a wide range of colour options to choose from. You can easily get your old patio doors replaced with energy efficient top class vinyl patio doors.

Built in Blinds

Built in Blinds between the glass of a patio door adds full privacy and you no longer have to worry about curtains especially if your home décor doesn’t need it.

Most of the patio door replacement and installations are done on the ground level. You can get the best patio doors matching the look of your house for yourself. The vinyl doors are extremely maintenance free and come with reliable locks both for the opening parts as well as for the screen door. You can easily allow the fresh air to come inside and feel secure about your house safety. It also prevents entry of insects in summer. 

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