Advertising Concepts That Work for everyone

Here few innovative advertising ideas with examples to make your company stand out in new year 2002, keeping the ad in mind. According to Gurbaksh Chahal:

  • Make the most of your ego by hosting a sponsored quiz.

Someone once told me that the key to making people like you is to get them talking about themselves. They’ll leave knowing very little about you but feeling fantastic about themselves. Sponsored Buzzfeed Quizzes accomplish precisely that! Everyone wants to know what kind of Skittle or M&M they are, how they’ll die on Game of Thrones, and if they’re a Westworld host or visitor.

  • Take Advantage of the Environment

These inventive environmental advertisements are fantastic, according to Gurbaksh Chahal. They are not only superior to monotonous billboards, but they also transform an average environment into something amusing or intriguing for advertising reasons. These clever advertising, in my opinion, came directly from the mind of a five-year-old.

  • Innuendo isn’t something to be afraid of it.

Sex sells, as it always does. It makes individuals think twice about what they’re seeing and imprints the image on their minds. Someone had a joke about Equinox commercials and how they seldom show individuals exercising out or at a gym. Equinox, on the other hand, features models in compromising positions that are in excellent form. What does this have to do with their product or brand? There’s hardly anything. But I’ll never forget seeing the advertisement below blown up on the side of a building on 53rd and Madison!

  • Pop-Culture as a Reference

Naturally, a commercial featuring Kim Kardashian would have pop-culture allusions. You might make a subtle reference to Marilyn (a la Snickers), a movie, or openly mock a renowned star’s dancing routines, depending on your audience.

  • Have a good time.

Ads good and imaginative get built on common knowledge or shared humor. It’s almost as if you’re making an inside joke with your potential consumers!

  • Make a pun

Everyone enjoys a good dad joke, but these puns may be intelligent and imaginative word plays—or you can let the graphics tell the quip for you.

  • Display Adorable Animals

Adorable animals sell just as well as sex. Take a look at Budweiser, for example. We hate beer and went on a brewery tour only to see the Clydesdales (albeit the pups were not present).

  • Experiment with New Ideas

Finding billboards that aren’t simply a rectangle off the highway is a pleasant surprise. The Chik-fil-a is probably the most well-known, with cows spray-painting “Eat Mor Chikin” white billboard. You may make your adverts three-dimensional in a variety of ways. You can also experiment with tear banners which can grab anyone’s attentions

  • Swag to be given out

“Swag” stands for “Stuff We All Get,” according to The Office, but just because we all get it doesn’t make it any less awesome. I’m a big proponent of giving away free water bottles—saving the earth from plastic with a great logo, sold—and we like to give out bottle openers, pens, t-shirts, cozies, and sweatbands here.