Advantages of an SEO Audit for Your Business in 2020

SEO Audits are needed when you have spent time, effort and money making your website as good as it can be but are still failing to see any significant increases in traffic. An SEO Audit can help you increase your traffic, visitors and leads. Audits are advantageous because they run according to a strict list of checks and requirements that identify key areas in which your SEO is lacking.

There are other advantages too. An SEO audit lets you compare your site directly to your competitors to find advantages. It will show you what changes are necessary and guide you in how to make them. The audit will provide you with a useful overview of your site’s efficiency. It will also let you discover weak areas of your site so you can strengthen or eliminate them. Finally, an SEO audit helps you set a reasonable expectation for your website’s future.

Why Choose Us

Our SEO company Manchester has been successfully performed SEO audits for a wide variety of businesses across a range of different sectors. We can guarantee that once we have finished working, your website is going to see an increase in public traffic and successful conversions. Our team is made up of experienced and qualified individuals who will work closely with you to create the most effective audit they can.

What’s Included in the SEO Audit

When we perform our SEO audit, we will take care of the following:

  • Boosting technical SEO.
  • Perform Panda and Penguin checks to see how Google ranks your website.
  • Improve your page titles. These need to focus on specific topics and come with impactful brand phrases.
  • Create useful meta descriptions for your links. Keeping your meta descriptions short and to the point helps increase traffic.
  • Check all of your canonical URLs. We will make sure that none of your canonical URLs is missing and that they match you regular URLs.
  • Perform a website crawl to discover any hidden issues. This will uncover any mistakes that lead to things like 404 errors.
  • Improve your site’s User Experience design.
  • Check your DNS settings.
  • Ensure that your web pages are mobile-friendly.
  • Work with you to create an SEO content strategy.
  • Fix your website structure.

Get in touch with us to find out how exactly these operations will help your website. If you are unsure about whether or not, you need an audit or if you have any questions then please get in touch. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and we are eager to show you the ways in which we can help your business improve. Even if your website is very highly ranked, there is always room for improvement. Competing websites will look to gain any edge they can in the search engine rankings and if you have the top spot we can help ensure you keep it.


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