A Guide to the Major Types of Goths

Are you a proud member of the Goth subculture? Or are you simply curious and looking to find out more?

The Goth subculture has many facets. This makes generalizing it difficult. The only thing that ensures all Goths are bound by is their gothic fashion.

So, to help you make sense of the matter, here is a helpful breakdown of all the different types of goths, so you can identify which of these subcultures you belong to or a fan of.

Read on!

Traditional Goths

Traditional Goths are the early ones in the subculture. They tend to prefer vintage fashions of the 19th and early 20th centuries and have an interest in dark music, and poetic writing. Traditional Goths dress in deep, dark colors and wear clothing consisting of corsets.

They celebrate all things dark and artistic, from vampires to cemeteries. Some enjoy wearing jewelry like animal heads and heavy necklaces. So if you’re looking to enhance your accessories and consider yourself a traditional, see more gothic jewelry here.

Pastel Goths

Pastel Goths exist in the Goth subcultures as a distinctive style of dress and hairstyle. This kind of goth style is composed of bright and pastel colors. Goths are seen in dark clothes and heavy make-up, so pastel goth styles are somewhat of a contrast to this.

Pastel Goths usually wear a lot of accessories. They are all about mixing the old with the new. They often have unique ways of expressing themselves, from their clothes to the way they style their hair.

Romantic Goths

Romantic Goths are one of the major kinds of Goths, and they enjoy all things about romance. They are identified by their interest in gothic literature, opera, fantasy, and art. Dark romanticism is popular for its mysterious and seductive nature.

Romantic Goths often focus on the darker side of love and emotions. They wear black clothing to express their love of death and darkness but also use pleasing color combinations. They appreciate the beauty of romantic elements in all forms.

Casual Goths

A Casual Goth is a type of Goth that skirts the line between mainstream fashion and darker elements. They share many of the same visual cues as traditional goths, combining them with more mainstream trends.

Casual Goths often wear vintage items from alternative fashion lines or secondhand stores. They don’t usually seek out huge statement pieces but instead, look for unique items. Casual goth genres value comfort and convenience, above being constricting, but they also embrace a unique blend of classic and modern fashion.

Hippie Goths

Hippie Goths are a type of Goth that merges traditional Gothic subculture elements with more relaxed aspects. They have a knack for combining traditional gothic wardrobe pieces. Also wear more relaxed and airy garments, such as flowy skirts and shirts.

Hippie goth aesthetic is more eclectic than traditional Goths. They are usually more laid back than other Goths. Although they come from a more relaxed subculture, they often still have a deep appreciation for traditional Gothic culture.

Choose the Best Types of Goths

The Goths have many interesting styles, from traditional goths, pastel goths, romantic goths, and casual goths to hippie goths. You can use this guide as a great starting point to explore the Goth lifestyle.

The Goth scene is an ever-evolving community, explore it for yourself. So, go ahead and find the style from the types of goths that are true to you!

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