A Christian Teen’s Guide to Mental Health

Mental health is an extremely important thing for teens to learn more about as they navigate adolescence and encounter situations that can stress them out and impact them negatively. However, teens who are more attuned to their Christian faith may feel that certain suggestions offered by their peers may not be as effective for them. How should a Christian teen navigate mental health and work towards a happy, healthy life? Let’s dive into this brief yet insightful Christian teen’s guide to mental health.

Seek out comfort in your faith during times of instability or trouble.

Many people of faith turn to what they believe in as a way to give up control and proceed with the trust that whatever happens next is what is meant to be. For those of the Christian faith, there are plenty of helpful Bible verses designed to bring you peace and comfort when you feel that external situations are weighing on you.

Whenever you feel isolated, doubtful, or negative, you may wish to turn to these passages to remind yourself of your faith and your hope. You may also want to ask your parents to get you a bible cover or bible case with your favorite verse and additional features like a handle, interior pockets, or a pen loop so that you can highlight your favorite passages and have them on hand. Then, you have everything you need to feel better at a moment’s notice.

Ask for help when you need it.

Some teens may encounter situations where they experience natural emotions like sadness or anger. However, some teens may develop a mental illness like depression or anxiety. In these cases, making sure to watch for symptoms of depression (isolating from friends and family members, changes in sleep and appetite, feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, etc.) and speaking with your mom and dad is important. Then, work with them to find resources like teen residential therapy that can help you connect with experienced mental health professionals who can offer you the support you need in a safe, stress-free setting. With the right treatment plan and counseling to help you learn the tools you need to navigate these feelings, you can lead the quality of life you want.

Make sure to prioritize family time alongside friend time.

As teens get older, they tend to pull away from family and hang out more friends as they establish their own identity and begin to navigate young adulthood. However, making sure that you have family time to maintain those connections and allow your parents to offer you their advice and insight is important (especially if you have things you need to talk about or are going through a difficult time). Your family and your home will always be there for you, and having that stability is necessary during such a potentially volatile time in your life.

Sit down with your parents and ask them how all of you can spend more time together in a way that everyone enjoys. There are plenty of wholesome family activities that you guys can enjoy while you talk about life and strengthen your bonds. Remember, family relationships are essential for any teen!

Being a teen can be rough. Being a Christian teen, even more so. Fortunately, your faith can play a major role in helping you maintain good mental health. If you’re looking to leverage your faith and your lifestyle to keep you happy and healthy, use some of the tips above to learn what you can turn to during times of crisis and how you can add more stability to your life moving forward.