8 Most Common SEO Mistakes You Need To Fix Now


Across industries and niches, organic search is still the main driver behind website traffic (particularly, about 51%). And now more than ever — with people turning to digital platforms to buy products, avail services, and perform transactions — the need to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts is undeniably important. Want to ace your SEO Montreal campaigns? Here are eight mistakes you need to fix right now.

Not studying what your figures say. One SEO strategy may bring thousands of traffic and quality leads to a website, but not to another. Each website has unique SEO needs and SEO performance. And as such, you have to dive deep into your analytics to better know your audience’s preferences and behavior. Based on that, you should improve and modify your campaign.

Not aiming to rank for the right keywords. Ask any SEO Montreal and you’ll find out that it’s not just about ranking high. You have to rank high for the right keywords. This is why audience and keyword research truly matters. If you aim for generic keywords that have no relevance to what you’re offering, you’re simply wasting your resources.

Not optimizing for local search. Oftentimes, the right keywords are in the form of local search-related phrases. For instance, SEO services Montreal. This is something specific — something that targets the right audience if you’re an SEO agency headquartered in this Canadian city. To boost traffic from people living in Montreal, make sure to use such keywords in your title, meta description, and content.

Not optimizing for mobile. Google switched to mobile-first indexing in 2018. And that’s four years ago already. If you haven’t checked and improved how your site looks and loads on mobile, then you’ve already missed a lot of opportunities there. Make sure that your pages are displayed correctly on mobile and that the user experience is as seamless as it is on desktop.

Not enhancing your content. This is where people will land and this is what will keep them enticed to browse through your website. So even if you double your efforts to improve your SEO rankings, if your content per se is not engaging and insightful, then people will leave your website.

Not incorporating internal links. Apart from linking your content to external sources to increase credibility, you shouldn’t also forget to inject internal links. Just make sure that these aren’t broken links and are links that redirect them to something relevant to the previous page. Doing this will help you entice your audience to browse your website more and, eventually, avail your product or service.

Not improving your slow load time. If your page loads rather slowly, it can affect SEO results. Search engines favor those with better load time, in case you aren’t aware of it yet. One trick to improve site speed is to avoid uploading images with big file sizes.

Not asking help from the pro. This is especially a must if you have no clue about SEO. An SEO Montreal expert is someone who can deliver tailored strategies to help you achieve your specific goals. Even if you have some SEO background, doing SEO work and running your business at the same time is inefficient. Enlisting their help is a cost-effective way of boosting your SEO rankings without neglecting the core aspects of your business.