7 Hacks To Keep Your Kitchen Stylish and Tidy

Lockdown and working from home for over a year meant constant clean-up and organizing at home, especially our kitchen. Whether you’re in a solo apartment or a house full of kids, our kitchens have never seen more action than ever before. So if you’re planning to send a present in lieu of a personal appearance because you’re staying within your bubble, Personalized kitchen gifts are cute, functional presents that everyone will appreciate.

We’re also sharing seven hacks on how to keep your kitchen stylish and tidy.

1. Use trivets to protect your table

One way to keep your kitchen neat and to avoid long and messy cleanups is to use a kitchen trivet. This way, you can set your pot directly on the table without worrying about cleaning the surface after you eat. Personalized kitchen gifts like custom trivets with cute designs add a personal touch to your and help busy folks minimize cleanup.

2. Use trays to avoid spills and stains

Trays are versatile, useful and can also be a cute décor in the kitchen which is why they’re one of the best personalized kitchen gifts out there. Even if you’re eating alone, you can use a tray while you eat on the couch to avoid huge cleanups in case you spill something. They’re also great for kids because even if they make a big mess in the tray, at least it’s confined to a small space.

3. Keep things in their proper place

If you’re looking for unique personalized kitchen gifts, cookie jars are a good idea. Aside from giving your house a TV kitchen feel, it also reduces the amount of stuff inside your fridge because now your cookies have a special designated spot where they won’t get stale.

4. Change up your kitchen outfit

Admit it, you’re probably not leaving your house for weeks at a time so all of your outfits are staying right where they are—in your closet. Personalized kitchen gifts like custom aprons are probably the closest thing you can put on to jazz up your outfit while preparing your meals.

5. Invest in food containers

If you often have bowls and plates of leftovers in your fridge, it can be a disorderly mess. They take up a lot of space and make it harder to figure out where things are. Get proper food containers with a lid that fits so you won’t have to stuff your oddly shaped bowl in the fridge or keep your desserts on a plate covered in cling wrap. Custom cake pans make great personalized kitchen gifts because they’re quirky and come with snap lids.

6. Do short, regular clean-ups

Don’t leave that one lonely cup in the sink. If you’re already there, take the time to wash it and leave it on the drying rack. Chances are, it won’t take more than five minutes.

7. Use the proper tools

How many times have you spent cleaning up messes or taking too long on a task just because you don’t have the right tools? Get a sturdy chopping board instead of cutting things on your countertop, get a new sharp knife or and replace your old, chipped mug.