7 Furniture Care Tips For Hotels And Restaurants

The hotel furniture requires more cleaning and maintenance than any other furniture, even the outdoor one. It required to be cleaned for three main reasons; to attract more customers, to keep it going for several years, and also because it is expensive to be replaced. To keep your hotel furniture clean and organized;

  • Consider investing in cleaners
  • Get the furniture painted and polished
  • Arrange it far away from the vents and windows
  • Do not drag the chairs and table
  • Clean up the mess as quickly as possible

Consider investing in cleaners

Cleaners are the best way to keep the furniture clean and unaffected for a longer time. If commercial cleaners are expensive to be bought for such chairs and tables, DIY cleaners can be used as the last straw.

Get your furniture polished once in a while

Furniture polish can also give the roughly used furniture a healthy boost. The furniture is polished to minimize the typical damage i.e. Scratching etc. It’s mandatory to get the hotel furniture polished at least once in six months to maintain the true appearance and color.

Arrange the tables and chairs at the right place

Arranging the tables and chairs far away from the windows, heating, and air conditioner vents would not only minimize the damage but also save up cleaning cost and time as well. So find a place where the furniture gets less affected by environmental factors.

Be quick in blotting up the spills

The customers, since it’s not their property, usually eat carelessly. So spills are just part of the normal routine. We know how tiring it is to keep looking and jumping to blot up the spill would be but the quick blotting does not allow the mess to absorb and damage the material.

Dust the furniture as frequently as possible

Dust and debris bring down the beauty and eat up the furniture alive, if not cleaned properly and in a timely manner. Hotel and restaurant furniture just shouldn’t be cleaned to prevent it from aging but to attract customers as well. Get your restaurant’s furniture thoroughly cleaned daily not just to keep it new but to make it more welcoming as well.

Get it painted

The hotel furniture is mostly paintable. So, consider getting your restaurant patio furniture painted to make it glow and prevent it from premature aging. Satin and semi-gloss are the two most forgiving and life-saving paints for hotel furniture.

Do not drag

Whenever you try to renovate your restaurant, you have to do a lot of moving. The furniture is mostly being recklessly dragged from one place to another. So, to prevent any possible damage it is recommended to lift and shift the furniture to a new place instead of getting it dragged.

In brief, furniture can be kept new by regular cleaning, polishing, and painting. Moreover, placing it far away from the window, air condition and heating vents would also minimize the damage. It is also suggested to invest in good quality furniture, search commercial pool furniture, hotel furniture outdoors, check all the options, and invest in the best one to minimize the cleaning requirement.