5 Types of Road Signs and What They Mean

There are different types of road signs in the world, depending on the country or region. Sometimes, these signs are used to direct us to specific places or to give us information about the place or its history. However, some of them are only decorative, while others are used to keep us safe. For more information, visit Jason Signs.

There are certain things you see every day on the road, like road signs. Often, these signs are used to keep you safe, or to tell you something important like where to stop for a red light, or when to turn. Certain road signs and symbols can also mean something else depending on the country and the region. So, to help us understand what these signs mean, we’ve listed the 5 types of road signs and what they mean.

Regulatory Signs

The regulatory signs you see on our roads can be classified in a number of ways, including by the type of signs, the type of road, or the type of regulatory sign itself. Some are simple warnings, some are only used by certain authorities.

As most of you are probably aware, there are many different types of road signs in Australia. These signs are designed to help drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians safely navigate various types of roads across the country. Some of these signs are very familiar, while others are new.

Guide Signs

A street sign, road sign or pavement sign is a sign attached to the pavement which marks the edge of the road. Signposts or road signs are used to indicate the location or direction of an intended path, road, destination, road junction, road name, destination name, or other important information along a road. Signposts, however, need to be updated frequently, so they are usually erected by the local authority.

Information Signs

There are lots of different signs on the road to indicate the type of road you are on. Perhaps the most common are yellow signs for roads, which tell you if you are on a street or highway. Next, you might see signs that say no left turn or right turn, when you can go straight or when you can turn left or right.

Service and Attraction Signs

Sometimes road signs are the only way to communicate with other drivers, or signal that something is dangerous, or that something has happened. As such, the world has come up with various types of signs for different situations.

One of the most important things that drivers do when they get behind the wheel of a car is to see where they are going, and this is done by looking at signs that have been placed along the road. Unlike road signs that warn of nearby traffic or accidents, service and attraction signs tell drivers where to stop or where to catch up.

Supplemental Traffic Signs

There are signs that warn about dangerous animals, construction zones, and speed bumps. These signs are used to prevent accidents and to keep traffic flowing smoothly. Using road signs plays an important role in getting you to your destination. Many people use road signs to communicate with other drivers. There are different types of road signs.


Road signs are important to keep safe on the road. However, it can get confusing to look at so many road signs. That is why it is important to take time to understand what they mean.Road signs are very useful in order to understand the rules of the roads. If the drivers understand the meanings of the common road signs, they will be able to drive safely which will avoid road accidents.