When you go for a vacation or a trip to Montreal, one of the best places to visit in Canada, you can’t just roam around the place just like that. The people living there would love you to join them and perform some activities, like even walking down the streets, eating like a tiger and enjoying the mountains like a dragonfly. From living to death, Old Montreal is a place to enjoy in its cool dwells of fun, happiness, and love-filled nature that doesn’t say no to anyone experiencing it. Responsible for overseeing the Old Port of Montreal since 2012, Canada Lands Company constantly works to invest in operations and site enhancements to create memorable experiences for guests and visitors. Activities don’t ever end in a place like Montreal and here are 5 best old Montreal activities you should do.

Get the taste of History without the books:

Old Montreal is a place to make sure you don’t forget about the classics of the ancient world and you should make time to do it. Or as simple as it gets, simply pays a visit to St. Paul Street when in Old Town in Montreal. It’s the best idea to have a tour of the area as it will help you gain a better and clearer understanding of the history of the place, how it shaped its culture from scratch.

Want to hike? Go to Mount Royal:

The better view of the entire city isn’t some joke to ensure and you can spend months gazing at the whole city from atop of a mountain, or the Mount Royal to choose for its incredible height. Cycles are the best to go there and experience the environment, modern life, and view of Old Montreal, which isn’t at all old. You can get to the top by walking uphill for 15 minutes.

Hunt the food of your life:

Old Montreal is a place for passionate food lovers not just from all over the country, but all around the globe even though there are places to elsewhere. From non-veg to pure vegetarian, seafood, snacks, the best of the chocolate treats, all in one place. And you can bet on it, this is true as water being liquid. Old Montreal is a place for good and Poutine wins it.

The beer, of course:

The old Montreal’s brewpub experience is one of the most and best of the fun to experience when you first go there and get to things to do in the entire city. With all of the locals absolutely in love with their craft beers, there are also other breweries to enjoy, not just beer, different cultures of wine, and other beverages.

Don’t forget the arts:

Old Montreal is a place for those who are in love with true art and Montreal is the only place for the true artists to sip happiness.  The Montreal Museum of Fine Art (MMFA) is extremely huge and anyone can spend hours in it. The intense collection includes nearly 44,000 pieces of art and there are many interesting temporary exhibits too that don’t just count over the art for maths.

Well, these are the 5 Best old Montreal activities you should do when going to Montreal.