Snowshoeing is the perfect winter sport for the avid hiker. As winter rolls around the corner, it becomes more and more difficult to hike in the freezing temperatures. Snowshoeing perfectly meshes hiking with the winter season. So pack your bags and take a short trip up the Wasatch range to watch the sunrise or listen to the stillness of the season. But as the snow begins to pile, be sure to install or update your roof’s snow guards to protect your home from snow damage.

Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowmobiling

The winter season, especially in Utah, is absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, weather conditions make it difficult to explore and enjoy the snowcapped sights. Cross country skiing and snowboarding make it possible to soak up the winter view and breathe the fresh mountain air. If you crave speed, adventure, and nature, take the time to go skiing or snowboarding this winter. If physical conditions prevent you from doing so, snowmobiling is a great alternative. Venture into the rugged mountains with a couple of friends and a snowmobile to make the most of your winter. And if your roof doesn’t have snow guards or rails, consider calling a professional to install them guards so that your roof won’t be damaged this winter.

Ice Castles

If speed just isn’t your thing, consider taking your family or friends to explore the ice castles in your area. In Midway, Utah, you can find thousands of icicles and ice cubes carefully sculpted and detailed to form castles and kid-friendly playgrounds. Partnered with colorful LED lights, ice castles are a great activity for families and friend groups alike. But before you dive into the winter fun, remember that roof snow guards are essential in protecting your roof, so be sure your roof has properly functioning snow guards or rails this winter.

Sledding or Tubing

Sledding and tubing are versatile and fairly safe winter activities you can participate in this year. Whether you want to take a short trip down the hill in your neighborhood or venture to one of Utah’s long, winding slopes, sledding has it all. If you and your family or friends are tired of being cooped up this winter, tubing and sledding are great ways to spend your energy and kick off the holiday season. Utah alone has more than twenty formal tubing and sledding spots. Keep track of the snowfall in your area, and be sure to go sledding when you can get the most snow. However, if you live in an area susceptible to large amounts of snowfall, make sure your roof has a snow guard or rail so that your roof won’t be damaged.

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