3 benefits local community engagement brings to your brand

A customer base is most valuable to a brand when it is responsive and engaged with itsmessaging. This is especially true today, when companies are constantly fighting to hold consumer attention in the endless space of digital media.

The current marketing trend is for companies to put engagement with their local community at the heart of their marketing strategies to bolster  success.

Community engagement offers an ethical, reflexive and socially responsive approach to improving the relationship consumers have with a brand. Community engagement practices aim to understand and be responsive to community needs, views and expectations.

Successful community engagement strategies by Australian brands have included the Grill’d Local Matters initiative and Coles Little Athletics as well as a number of  brands sponsoring grass roots sport.



Brandstanding sees companies adopt a social conscience and voice by taking a stance on social issues. A company undertaking community engagement initiatives fosters the ability to brandstand for local matters. Engaging with local communities presents little risk of damaging brand perception, which is a common fear for company brandstanding. Consumers witnessing a brand making active change in their community are more likely to be loyal and engaged with that brand.


Facilitates positive experiences

Community engagement programs allow a brand to foster positive experiences with members in the community. Facilitating such experiences builds a positive image for the brand and increases active engagement with the brand. This is a strong form of community engagement, which creates social capital and stronger networks for the company.


Audience understanding

Becoming involved in the community gives a brand the opportunity to gain contextual understanding of its audience. Being closely involved with a target audience facilitates knowledge of an audience’s needs, expectations and attitudes, particularly if the brand creates an avenue for audience feedback. In turn, companies can gain insights on the direction of marketing and product development, which can impact success over a longer timeframe.


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