2021 Buick Envision Balances Luxury and Mainstream Aspect in SUV Segment

Numerous SUVs have been launched in last decade but more people are talking about the 2021 Buick Envision. The sheer balance which Buick provides between luxury and mainstream aspect of SUV in 2021 Envision is what made this vehicle popular.

When consulting Rexburg Buick dealer, one can notice remarkable exterior and interior styling along with affordable cost of this car. Comparing its specifications and checking out price shows that it offers a great balance between luxury and mainstream aspect in SUV category.

Have a look at it in detail!

Exterior and interior styling

Glossy paintjob, excellent materials used for building the chassis, bold design, etc. is what makes it look like the luxury SUVs. With a distinct front grille and brand logo this car looks quite fetching for all.

Coming to the interior portion of this vehicle, it’s quite snazzy is how one can describe it best. Out of all the model of this car, Avenir is what can be compared with luxury rivals like X3 or Q5. The other two trims offer standard features that most SUVs in the modern era has, while Avenir consists of certain luxurious aspects like upholstery made from quilted leather, massaging seat for driver, and more.

Moreover, like its competitors, Envision offers ample space for people and cargo. With folded rear seat people can store 21 carry-on bags with ease.

  • Infotainment available

The interior also consist of 8-inch touchscreen for infotainment purposes; however, mid and high-end variants comes equipped with 10.2-inch screens. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is available in all trims as a standard option and is connected wirelessly. Other standard features include Wi-Fi hotspot, satellite radio, and 6-speaker audio. Nevertheless, opting for the high end-trim means one can choose 7 or 9-speaker audio system.

The features available are well-adjusted in a way that this vehicle’s trims are balanced adequately between luxury and mainstream.

Engine details

2021 Envision comes with just one engine; 4-cylinder 2L turbocharged one that spits out 228 horsepower. FWD drivetrain is standard and hooked up to an auto 9-speed transmission. However, for people preferring AWD drivetrain can get it on all of this car’s 3 variants. It is quite quick and responsive to inputs. With remarkable handing, suspension system, interior and more, 2021 Envision offers a smooth ride for all. Know more by consulting Buick dealer Rexburg.

Model prices

As mentioned earlier, three trims are available for the 2021 Buick Envision. All three versions have been created to maintain a balance between luxury and mainstream aspects and depending on these the prices have been set.

The base trim known as Preferred starts from $32,995. The other models are Essence and Avenir, which costs $37,195 and $41,595. If you are looking to buy one then Essence or Avenir should be your choice.

So, from prices to features and every aspect of 2021 Envision holds a great balance between luxury and mainstream aspects. All you need is to visit the showroom and pick the one that suits you most and is within your budget.