12 Grass Alternatives for Dry Climates

Utah (and many other states across the US) is facing a drought. Contrary to popular belief, our fresh water supply isn’t endless, so it’s up to us to take the necessary steps to save the water we do have. One way you can contribute to eradicating the drought in your state is by upgrading your lawn! Swap out your water-dependent grass for a drought-tolerant alternative. Below are twelve drought-tolerant grass alternatives to consider.

1. Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme is an ornamental flowering herb that produces pinkish-purple flowers. It is a cool-season annual grass and is not bothered by the hot summer conditions. Creeping Thyme requires little to no maintenance, capping at about one to two inches in height. Creeping Thyme is also mosquito-repellent, making it a great grass-alternative if you plan to host outdoor gatherings at your home this summer.

2. Asian Star Jasmine

Asian Star Jasmine is an evergreen perennial grass that looks similar to Creeping Thyme, but it can grow up to ten inches taller and has a more colorful blooming habit. Asian Star Jasmine is drought-tolerant and doesn’t need constant watering, making it a perfect grass alternative for hot summer climates.

3. Wildflowers

Wildflowers are low maintenance, drought-tolerant flowering plants that can be easily grown in any kind of soil. Wildflowers are beautiful additions to any garden and can provide a multitude of benefits to your lawn as well. They do not require water, so they will not kill the grass if you don’t water them for an extended period (which is not recommended anyway). They help keep bees happy and are great for giving your lawn a vibrant look throughout all four seasons.

4. Microclover

Microclover is a low-maintenance grass that has light green, velvety leaves. It grows in a range of shades, so you will be able to find one that best suits your needs. Microclover is good for small lawns and works with nearly any soil type.

5. Corsican Mint

Corsican Mint is a low-maintenance creeping perennial herb that thrives in areas with sandy soils. It has wide green leaves with purple stems and small purple flowers clustered at the ends of the ends of its stems. Corsican Mint does not need constant watering, but it does need some fertilizing every year to stay healthy (and beautiful)!

6. Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf is a great option for any lawn. It is usually made from polyethylene, which makes it strong, resistant to mold and mildew, and low maintenance. Even if it gets dirty or muddy, you can just rinse it off! Artificial Turf is great for people with certain allergies and people who want to contribute to ending the global water shortage.

7. Japanese Sweet Flag

Japanese Sweet Flag is a large-leafed ornamental grass with purple stems. It produces white flowers in the fall and can grow up to six feet tall if left uncut for an extended period of time. Japanese Sweet Flag is perfect for larger lawns or for people who want a large, tall grass to stand out in their yard.

8. Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff is a flowering plant that can grow up to three feet tall. It grows in a wide range of color patterns, making it easy to find the one that best suits your needs and tastes. Sweet Woodruff requires little care and no watering, making it the perfect option for drought-stricken lawns.

9. Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is an evergreen perennial grass that grows in a range of colors, including green and white variegated forms as well as pink and purple flowered forms. It has a short rhizome and grows up to two inches tall. Creeping Jenny is well-suited to North Dakota and other regions with cool weather.

10. Mulch

Mulch is a great option for anyone who loves their garden and wants to keep the bugs away! It keeps the soil cool in summer and can be used as insulation for winter gardens as well. Mulch also keeps plants’ roots cool during the warm months and makes growing plants easier during the cold months, making it a perfect choice regardless of climate conditions.

11. River Rocks

River Rocks look like pebbles and provide a great visual effect in any garden due to the bright colors they come in. They are a drought-tolerant and don’t need to be watered during periods of extreme drought, and they are extremely low-maintenance, requiring little attention.

12. Chamomile

Chamomile is a creeping perennial herb that grows along the edges of fields and meadows. It is low-maintenance and does not need excessive amounts of water or fertilizing. It has white flowers with bright yellow centers. It provides a beautiful foundation for large ornamental grasses, making it another great option for any garden no matter your climate.

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